What We Do

we build bridges

between imagination and reality

world-class video games and game development tools

highly engaging educational software

interactive large screen presentation systems

Having taken part in multiple eight-figure budget AAA video game productions, as well as numerous mid-size titles, we offer you our comprehensive experience in designing and developing high-quality video games for multiple platforms. We get the most out of Microsoft Windows, iOS, Nintendo 3DS, PS3, Xbox 360, and most recently PS4 and Xbox One.

We efficiently put across the complete development workflow, from creating engines and tools, through designing game mechanics, up to obtaining certifications for the gold master version of the game. We carefully build and maintain communication among multiple teams responsible for design, engine and gameplay programming, art and level creation.

We utilize modern user experience technologies such as Microsoft Kinect, Google Glass, Oculus Rift, and beyond.

We have greatly participated in creating technology and mechanics for games published by Disney Interactive Studios, Ubisoft Entertainment, Deep Silver (Koch Media), and Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment.

we build bridges

between companies and people

logical reinforcements of enterprise processes

comprehensible user interaction

modern database solutions under maximum security

Through creating logical representations of your enterprise processes, we make our software tangibly augment your business.

From high-performance relational and object-oriented databases, through a coherent logic, up to rich user experience front-ends, we build goal-oriented workflows for diverse branches of business.

We design and build custom-made solutions for luxury clients and state/academing institutions, as well as for developing enterprises.

We cover your highly specific enterprise requirements, such as Content, Customer, Order or Human Resources Management, using modern database solutions under maximum security.

we build bridges

between theory and visualization

multi-purpose software for smart infrastructure

real-time sensoring and data analysis

expert systems and decision support systems

We build management, sensoring and analysis software for smart infrastructure, such as bridges, tunnels, highways and oil rigs. Our experience includes multiple knowledge-based soft computing applications – Expert Systems and Decision Support Systems. For these purposes we combine proven techniques of artificial intelligence (neural networks, fuzzy logic controllers, evolutionary algorithms) with novelty solutions such as hybrid networks and intelligent agents.

Considering the complexity of the domain in user’s perception, we especially care about the quality of interaction.

Our solutions transform your complex data into comprehensible modern visuals, such as graphs, clouds or heat maps.

Stock imagery: © EtiAmmos, James Thew, MasterLu - Fotolia.com - used with permission